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Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder

Betapac Jamaican Curry Powder

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When trying to recreate that authentic Jamaican flavor in your dishes, the key is using the right curry powder! Jamaican curry powder is not to be confused with Indian curry powder. As it is made with different ingredients, such as plenty of flavorful Jamaican Turmeric and Pimento (all-spice).

Betapac is Jamaica's favorite curry powder for creating authentically Jamaican home-cooked recipes with a wide variety of Meat, Seafood, and Vegetables.

Traditional Jamaican curry-based recipes include Curry Chicken, Curry Goat, Curry Shrimp, and Curry Chickpeas, all of which are usually served with white rice and some raw vegetables/salad. 

Ingredients: Turmeric, Coriander, Fenugreek, Cumin, Pimento, Black Pepper, Star Anise.

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