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Grace Ackees

Grace Ackees

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Ackees are one half of Jamaica’s national dish, Ackee, and Salt-fish. The marriage between the tender, creamy Ackee, and the slightly chewy, salted fish, cooked down with onions, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes, and thyme, has proven to be a firm favorite in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and abroad.

Ackee trees have bright red pod-shaped fruits that open to reveal the tender creamy white pegs of Ackee, with their large shiny black seeds.  The ackee must only be harvested once the pods have opened naturally before the seeds and membrane are removed from the pegs ready for cooking, as they contain a poisonous gas.

Ackees are often prepared like vegetables, but can also be used in sweet dishes too. When cooked, ackees are similar in texture and appearance to scrambled eggs and are a popular breakfast item and a tantalizing delicacy.

With these canned Ackees, we offer this scrumptious island delight to your table overseas.

Ingredients: Ackees, water, and salt.

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